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No thumbnailThe managed casualty : the japanese-american family in World War II /BROOM, Leonard (1911- ).; Kitsuse, John I. (1923-2003).Nowe Druki230280/6; 230280/61956.
No thumbnailFashioning fashion : European dress in detail, 1700-1915 /Chrisman-Campbell, Kimberly. Współaut.; Esguerra, Clarissa M. Oprac.; Galliano, John (1960- ). Przedm.; LaBouff, Nicole. Oprac.; Spilker, Kaye Durland.; TAKEDA, Sharon Sadako.Nowe Druki322840 Gr.; 322840 Gr.2010.
No thumbnailIssues in the conservation of photographs /Gutierrez, Jennifer Jae. Wyd.; Norris, Debra Hess. Wyd.Nowe Druki298132 BP Kons.; 298132 BP Kons.cop. 2010.
No thumbnailPhotographs of the past : process and preservation /Gandolfo, Jean-Paul. Współpr.; LAVEDRINE, Bertrand; MacElhone, John. Współpr.; Monod, Sibylle. Współpr.Nowe Druki298138 BP Kons.; 298138 BP Kons.cop. 2009.
No thumbnailThe rise and fall of a palestinian dynasty : the Husaynis 1700-1948 /PAPPE, Ilan (1954- ).Nowe Druki2104699; 2104699cop. 2010.
No thumbnailThe politics of prejudice : the anti-Japanese movement in California and the struggle for Japanese exclusion /DANIELS, Roger (1927- ).Nowe Druki230281/71; 230281/711962.
No thumbnailThe culture of unbelief : studies and proceedings from the First International Symposium on Belief held at Rome, March 22-27, 1969 : symposium sponsors: the Agnelli Foundation, the University of California at Berkeley, the Vatican Secretariat for Non-Believers /Caporale, Rocco (1927- ). Red.; Grumelli, Antonio. Red.Nowe Druki258600; 2586001971.
No thumbnailEdward the Confessor /BARLOW, Frank (1911- ).Nowe Druki2104123; 21041231984.
8 records found